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Modern Masters: Dali

Has anyone watched this series so far? I'm a fan of Dali, but I see there are also episodes on Warhol and Matisse. I plan to watch them all, but found this clip online and had to share it. There is nothing I don't like about this clip. The camera work is genius and I could listen to him talking about art all day. Plus, they pan to his boots, which just cracks me up.

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Noel Fielding talking about Dalí????? Have I died and gone to heaven?!?! PERFECTION. Love them both. SO MUCH.
IKR?! All the best things in one snippet.

Thanks!!! :D:D:D I can't take credit for the design or the quote (Big Bang Theory!) ...but I chose it. LOL

I used to have more slytherin icons. I should really put a few back.

SO NOT HAPPY about what they did to Richmond in series four of IT Crowd. Did you watch?
No I haven't seen series 4 yet...I dunno where to watch it? (I've also just moved and started a new job so I have been on the busy side LOL but I do want to see it)

You SHOULD put them back. :D I've been on a crazy HP kick lately. :)
Ha ha ha. Did you go to Infinitus? OMG the park was AMAAAZING. I do a podcast with some folks (snapecast), and we'll be discussing it for our next upcoming episode.

Series 4 isn't available in the States yet. I obtained it through a private site that my friends and I have nicknamed Jacques LeCube. But I bet if you went to one of the IT Crowd comms, someone will have uploaded them.
Aw I wish I could have. I used to live in FL too...but moved back to TN in May...and then I got a job in Wichita, KS so I've been here for just over a month.

Yeah, I knew it wasn't officially available...a friend of mine here in the States has watched it but I never got around to asking her how she went about it.
Oh man. SO CLOSE!

Do you watch a lot of British tv? Would you like a more reliable source? Would you be willing to be held accountable for an upload/download ratio?

If so, PM me privately with your email address and I can give you an invite to Jacques LeCube.
He mentioned about this during one Never Mind the Buzzcocks episode last season when the two teams joking around as usual,something like 'this is more ridiculous than what I have just made for the Dali film', sort of.
And the full documentary is worth watching as well.
Yes he did! At the time I thought he was talking about Surrealissimo.

I am really looking forward to watching the whole thing, now. Others have said the series is good, on the whole.
Yap,the documentary is v interesting, in my opinion.
BTW,I like his outfit for this short interview, the hat is epic,totally matches the topic.<3
Indeed! I used to dislike that hat, but it's grown on me. It's perfect because it's so ridiculous, juxtaposed with the seriousness of his tone on the subject. Yay.

I wonder if that was on purpose, or if he showed up not really thinking about it. I mean, he did also shoot Buzzcocks that day, apparently. Oh well, I guess we'll never know!
i love this hat.... a lot. it's ridicously gorgeous.
Wow noel has even better taste then I first thought although I have never heard of modern day master or whatever its called is it any good?
I just love listening to him talk about art.

People have said the series is good, but I've yet to watch an entire episode. Will do this weekend. It's aired on BBC One.