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Old Gregg song [Sat, Jul 27, 13 / 1:20pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello my Boosh friends! Feel free to check out my funky Old Gregg song, using the dialogue from the show. :D

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Boosh claymation! [Mon, Aug 29, 11 / 10:17am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Heya. So, during the hurricane in NYC the fantabulous doctorpancakes and I decided to make a claymation! It's my second. Hope you enjoy it. (btw, you can check out the first one I made a few months ago here.

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icons: Oz, The Mighty Boosh [Sun, Jul 10, 11 / 5:43pm]

    • Credit goes to humanprops.

    • Comments are appreciated.

    • Please don't hotlink.


( jazz... kenny g... syphilis... gordon ramsay... )
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Question About The Mighty Boosh Film [Sun, Jan 09, 11 / 10:01pm]

Does anybody know anything about the proposed Mighty Boosh movie that is supposed to be in the works? I read somewhere that Noel Fielding cancelled his tours for 2010 to film for it. Have any updates or spoilers been released?
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TheBoosh [Thu, Jan 06, 11 / 12:12am]

[ mood | awake ]

Just joined this place, i've been trolling the interweb (okay.. livejournal mainley) for some descent boosh forums.
Noel Fielding & Julian Barrat are legends in themselves.
Just got the special edition box set. Worth. Every. Penny. Their over show commentaries are genuis. I assumed it would be like a commentary for the blind or something like that but they're genuinely wild. I love how Richie Fulcher just shouts random things, as usual, and his little information on the curtains that were painted for the show. Somehow the orginal colour of these blessed curtains are different each time. Insanity at it's best <3 Although, Richie's best commentary quote has got to be "MOOMMYY, I'M SEXXYY!" ;D Genius.

I CAN NOT WAIT for their film and CD to come out. I'll go mental for it ^.^ They're currently writing it now so it'll take a while for it to be released 'cause they have to film and edit and all that jazz WAY before it can be released but when it is i might just die <3 I hope they do some live tours again as well. I was too young for their last ones :'(

Long Live Boosh <3 ;)

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Spread the Boosh! [Thu, Dec 09, 10 / 2:58pm]

How can this community be dead? It's got so much to give!

I joined recently and then realized that nobody's home. So I'm spamming my entire Boosh gif collection to see if anyone's still around. Or even notices.

Oh, Howard notices...20 more gifs under the cutCollapse )
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Modern Masters: Dali [Wed, Sep 15, 10 / 10:26am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Has anyone watched this series so far? I'm a fan of Dali, but I see there are also episodes on Warhol and Matisse. I plan to watch them all, but found this clip online and had to share it. There is nothing I don't like about this clip. The camera work is genius and I could listen to him talking about art all day. Plus, they pan to his boots, which just cracks me up.


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[Wed, Sep 01, 10 / 5:32pm]


[15] Mighty Boosh animated icons
[2] Mighty Boosh gifs 
here @ pelt_therabbit 

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Wallpapers [Fri, Aug 27, 10 / 7:41pm]


Are you lot all dead? and sleeping in ya bunny slippers? Im gonna poke you all with a stick *pokes*
I decided that I would post something seen as nobody else has!!! Come on people you can't let the boosh DIE yet!
So heres a few wallpapers I made to bring the booshieness back to LJ

Hope you all come out your caves long enough to enjoy these....
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Summer DVD Review of Party [Wed, Aug 18, 10 / 5:22pm]

There is a Summer DVD Review of Party (series 3, episode 5) at The Two Cents.
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Summer DVD Review of The Journey to the Centre of a Punk [Wed, Aug 11, 10 / 8:23pm]

There is a Summer DVD Review of The Journey to the Centre of a Punk at The Two Cents.
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Hello I'm New ;) [Wed, Aug 11, 10 / 6:59pm]


Hello I'm new to this comunity and everything blah blah blah....
Anyway I was wondering if anyone has a link to the Mighty Boosh Comic Relief clip coz my cosin has never seen it before and shes a really big Boosh fan, I tried for hours........-_- ok minutes, I got distracted by something colourful flying past the window, never did find out what it was 8D
I hate youtube righty know, she's still trying to find it gah shes drivering me insane

please help! I'm begging yah, I'll give you rainbow cloud cookies if you help

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Anyone got a DNA kit? [Sun, Aug 08, 10 / 10:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I was checking myself in the mirror when this happened...Collapse )

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Summer DVD Review of Eels [Wed, Aug 04, 10 / 1:38pm]

There is a Summer DVD Review of Eels at The Two Cents.
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Summer DVD Review of The Nightmare of Milky Joe [Wed, Jul 28, 10 / 10:55am]

There is a Summer DVD Review of The Nightmare of Milky Joe (series 2, episode 6) at The Two Cents.
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Summer DVD Review of The Legend of Old Gregg [Wed, Jul 21, 10 / 4:11pm]

There is a Summer DVD Review of The Legend of Old Gregg (series 2, episode 5) at The Two Cents.
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[Sat, Jul 17, 10 / 1:38pm]

I was browsing Adam Green's blog and stumbled upon a few photos of the boys along with a little blurb about what went on that night. I hadn't seen them before so I thought some of you might haven't either, so thought I'd share.

The story goes as follows:

"Then I stayed up late again partying with these British funnymen. I put on some face makeup and felt fabulous. It had been a while since I'd felt fabulous so I made a mental note to always wear makeup."

pictures ensueCollapse )

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Summer DVD Review of Nanagedon and Call of the Yeti [Wed, Jul 14, 10 / 7:12pm]

There's a Summer DVD Review of Nanagedon and Call of the Yeti (sorry, forgot to post this one last week) at The Two Cents.
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[Sun, Jul 11, 10 / 5:02pm]

So, I emailed the art dealer to enquire about  prices for some of Noel's work. Thought some of you might find this interesting!
Bryan Ferry Vs. The Jelly FoxCollapse )
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"Future Sailors" [Tue, Jul 06, 10 / 11:16pm]

Hello everyone :)

I really want the "Future Sailors" song as a ringtone for my phone, does anyone have that song ripped onto mp3 audio or can do that?

I'd be soooo happy!

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