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Just joined this place, i've been trolling the interweb (okay.. livejournal mainley) for some descent boosh forums.
Noel Fielding & Julian Barrat are legends in themselves.
Just got the special edition box set. Worth. Every. Penny. Their over show commentaries are genuis. I assumed it would be like a commentary for the blind or something like that but they're genuinely wild. I love how Richie Fulcher just shouts random things, as usual, and his little information on the curtains that were painted for the show. Somehow the orginal colour of these blessed curtains are different each time. Insanity at it's best <3 Although, Richie's best commentary quote has got to be "MOOMMYY, I'M SEXXYY!" ;D Genius.

I CAN NOT WAIT for their film and CD to come out. I'll go mental for it ^.^ They're currently writing it now so it'll take a while for it to be released 'cause they have to film and edit and all that jazz WAY before it can be released but when it is i might just die <3 I hope they do some live tours again as well. I was too young for their last ones :'(

Long Live Boosh <3 ;)
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